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Active Lunch’ aids concentration and Heightens academic performance...

Sport and Health Academy’s ‘Active Lunch’ sessions are incredibly popular amongst schools. Our goal is to provide children with a positive and fun sporting experience.

‘Active Lunch’ breaks are a fantastic way for children and staff to enjoy a healthy burst of exercise. ‘Active Lunch’ sessions allow children to enjoy being active allowing them to release pent up stress and increase the body’s natural feel good chemicals, which are released through exercise – boosting positivity and encouraging developments and positive behaviour. At Sport and Health Academy, we believe that a 30 – 60 minute session encourages a balance of physical and mental activities; release positive energy, aids concentration and heightens academic performance throughout the school day.

Our skilled DBS certified coaches offer a variety of sporting activities that range from: football, basketball, multi-skills, athletics, tri-golf, netball, gymnastics, futsal and many more. All children are encouraged to enjoy their ‘Active Lunch’ in a safe and engaging environment. Activities are flexible and changed regularly to meet the requirements of your school.

We believe in providing the best to our schools. Do you?

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