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Sport and Health Academy provides a truly exceptional and cost-effective sports provision to primary schools throughout London.

All our team share an infectious passion for sport and improving the physical and mental well-being of every pupil, delivering engaging, educational, age appropriate and fun sessions for all pupils throughout EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on working closely with our partner schools to deliver tailor made packages to suit your needs and budget.

So if you are looking for any of the following primary school services, look no further than Sport and Health Academy:

  • PPA Cover
  • PE Planning, Delivery and Assessment in line with the National Curriculum
  • CPD Courses
  • Breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs
  • Organising, coordinating and delivering sports days
  • Sports Leadership Courses
  • Healthy body & mind days

We don’t offer just coaching sessions. Our PPA cover is aimed and designed specifically for the schools requirements and covers the national curriculum.

If you want to change the way your schools feels about PE then look no further. We believe Health is as important as Sport which is why we not only coach physical education but also teach the importance of health. Our schools sports provision is tailored to meet the school’s needs, however every lesson we coach we teach every child the importance of health whether its nutrition, health, anatomy or sport. We offer a dedicated all year round planning, preparation and assessment within schools by offering exciting and curriculum based physical education.

At Sport and Health Academy we know what is required by the curriculum and what is required for Ofsted OUTSTANDING approval, we use Ofsted approved session plans with all our PE sessions sports including athletics, gymnastics, netball and dance. We not only teach and educated children on sport and health but also give end of terms tests which children must complete in tests conditions to see what they’ve learnt throughout their term, as well as this we will provide detailed lesson plans and carry out child assessments. This allows teachers to get on with their PPA time in safe account knowing their class are receiving the best Physical education and guidance possible.

We also have extensive experience of supporting schools in sports provision during lunchtimes and as extra-curricular clubs, either before school or after school. Our stimulating range of sports activities caters for different ages and abilities, and we work in small groups so children feel supported and confident. Research has shown that such sessions during the day can promote improved concentration and learning when the child returns to the classroom.

Our sports Coaches are confident overseeing full classes whilst possessing the credentials and qualifications required by your local authority with experience in working with pupils from Reception Stage to Year 6. Coaches will work with your children at the heart of the session whilst managing challenging behaviour effectively in an attempt to improve personal and social skills at the same time as creating a fun and active session.

“Sport and Health Academy currently hold a 99% Outstanding PE Record”

Ofsted/DFE Education

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